Alternative Ways to Play KOI Gate Slot Habanero

Koi Gate is a video slot compatible with Hananero software, with 5 spins and 18 pay lines. The inspiration for this period came from oriental culture, precisely the Chinese stories about Koi. This game has good graphics solution and relaxing gameplay. This scroll is transparent and mounted on a traditional Chinese door on a water-like blue background. Play these slot machines here for free, or visit Havana Casino to play for real money.

Before setting this stage, you should define your betting range. When you click “Bet Level +/-“, you will specify the number of coins per line you want to bet. By clicking “coins +/-“, you can adjust the currency size which varies from 0.01 to 5. “Auto-rotate” is used to set the number of times you want to spin the reels without interruption within the selected betting range. “Max Bet” sets the maximum bet allowed by the slot as well as in the demo slot , and spins automatically, while “spins” adjusts the moving moves. “Gamble” starts the game function.

Koi Fish is a wild symbol, you can replace all other symbols. Any savage that appears in the winning combination will expand to cover all reel positions before paying the bonus. “Wild” only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. Additionally, the “dragon” symbol will replace all symbols.

When a koi fish appears anywhere on the reels, you will get 1 back. If another koi fish goes down during the replacement, it will come back to come back. This will continue until there is a koi fish symbol on the reels. All awards won during recycling will be doubled.

Koi and Dragon Fish are often used by different game software developers to create their slot themes, and Hananero has also added to its portfolio of exciting 5 x 3 video slots whose themes include this revered animal.

The name is the slot “Koi Gate”, and the theme is based more specifically on “The Dragon Gate”, a temple next to a cliff near Lake Dianci in Kunming, China.

The KOI door slot is equipped with 18 pay lines and a payout engine for lines formed in two ways, from left to right and right to left, and it is quite possible that this pair of characteristics is the reason why Hananero has formed one of the tightest pay tables I have seen. have. Never seen so far.

In this slot we generally form lines at a good pace, and this is a minor balance of low payout issues; In addition, in this gap, two types of wildlife appeared, one represented by the image of a dragon, and the other represented by the image of KOI.

The latter Savage only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4, but it is a symbol blessed with the ability to evolve across moves, and besides, this symbol provides a series of renderings that will occur indefinitely with the uniqueness of the condition being that the KOI symbol appears on the each spin, therefore, the rotation of the rotation is completed in a rotation in which the fish no longer appear in the reels.

This reduction is the main reason for this space for several reasons, and the first is that all of our awards doubled during that time. The second reason is more subjective, but it fits perfectly into the first, and during these returns, they usually seem wilder than during the base game, or at least that’s my impression today whenever I debut with this slot, occasionally getting two adjacent reels. turned into a lot of savage and, of course, created a good victory.

In general, in my opinion, the “Koi Gate” slot is a fairly entertaining game and I think that despite having quite a limited number of winners, it is a slot that deserves a chance.